Director of Photography: Brad Francis

Tropfest finalist Inverse was a challenge for every department as director Liam Connor set out to create two different, yet connected worlds. In one world time has frozen, it’s bleak and un-inviting, while in the other world time moves as it should with a warm and natural feel.

Shot on the Arri Alexa with Aungenieux DP zooms, cinematographer Brad Francis had the responsibility of bringing this mirrored world to life through the lens. Everything takes place in and around a café, which was set up in the streets of Murwillumbah, Queensland. Two identical but mirrored sets were created that allowed the actress to cross between these two worlds while allowing the camera shoot into the ‘mirror’ as she passes through.

Connor and Francis employed other bits of ingenious trickery to create the ‘frozen in time’ world, rigging actors mid-action while they posed, props were created to be falling over and they even used twins to create a reflection. This culminates with a very long choreographed Steadicam shot through the café, out onto the street and through a car accident frozen mid-collision.

Written by Mitch Kennedy for Australian Cinematographer Magazine.

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