Flat Daddy

Director of Photography: Geoffrey Hall ACS

Based on the award-winning short story by Louise D’Arcy and starring AACTA, AFI and Logie award-winning actress, Kat Stewart, Flat Daddy tells the story of an Australian military family and how a life-size cardboard cut-out of the absent husband and father becomes a source of obsession, rupture and unrest.

When the Director Matt Holcomb showed Cinematographer Geoffrey Hall ACS photos of the Flat Daddy sitting at a table, he was instantly struck by the unnerving presence the cardboard character created and could see great visual potential.

Hall wanted to shoot the film in wide screen format and was keen to go anamorphic, so thanks to the team at Gear Head he lensed the film with their Zeiss Master Anamorphic lenses.

Camera movement and lighting takes a fairly classical approach, but it was Hall’s intent for considered composition and lensing to be the focus of telling the story. Flat Daddy was shot over three days in the beautiful township of Lithgow in the Blue Mountains, NSW.

Written by Mitch Kennedy for Australian Cinematographer Magazine.

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