Panavision’s Large Format Workshops

Panavision Australia, along with the South Australian branch of the ACS, present two creative and technical workshops in Adelaide – by Ernie Clark ACS

Attendees of Panavision’s Large Format Workshop in Adelaide – PHOTO JoAnne Bouzianis-Sellick

Over the last few years Panavision Australia have developed educational workshops for cinematographers, creatives and up-and-coming filmmakers. They have created
workshops for technical roles such as cinematographers, assistant cameras and post-production roles, as well as non-technical roles like directors, producers and creatives.

Recently, Nic Godoy, from national ACS platinum sponsor Panavision, presented two excellent camera and lensing workshops to creatives, directors, cinematographers, camera crew and students at Anifex’s studio in Kent Town, an inner urban suburb of Adelaide. The South Australian branch of the ACS were heavily involved in setting up and promoting the workshops.

Panavision brought to Adelaide a Panavision DLX2 along with a whole bunch of lenses, including large format lenses, anamorphic lenses of every conceivable series, modified lenses, as well as classic and vintage lenses. Godoy’s great presentation and his extensive knowledge took the workshop attendees through format and sensor changes, lens issues and focus depths among other topics. He projected numerous examples of footage shot on the different gear and cameras and had two sets of two monitors so we could see side-by-side comparisons of spherical and anamorphic, and their characteristics.

Nic Godoy from Panavision Australia presents the Large Format Workshop in Adelaide - PHOTO JoAnne Bouzianis-Sellick
Nic Godoy from Panavision Australia presents the Large Format Workshop in Adelaide – PHOTO JoAnne Bouzianis-Sellick

The workshops for technical roles provided an update on current large format technology, 4K, UHD, HDR advancements and deliveries for Netflix and other streaming platforms. It provided the workshop participants with a technical breakdown of motion picture lens characteristics and their evolution over the last sixty years.

The workshop for creatives and nontechnical filmmaker roles explain modern camera and lens technology used in features, television series and television commercials in relation to its creativity and the basic technical requirements to communicate effectively with cinematographers, producers and agencies. It provided for hands-on tutorials with Panavision cameras and lenses with explanation on the reasons why a certain technology is used in various situations, while providing insight into Panavision’s role in the film industry for the past sixty-three years. When Godoy invited the forty attendees at the technical workshop to come and check out the lenses and cameras it was like a swarm of bees to a honeypot.

One generous aspect of the workshops was for those who attended being given access to the technical presentation as well as the Panavision Lens Reference Library. I must say both are fantastic resources.

May I take this opportunity to thank Nic Godoy and Paul Jackson from Panavision Australia for supporting the South Australian film community by introducing the latest large format gear and their huge range of quality lenses and for passing on their extensive knowledge, the nights were very educational. Overall we had over sixty attendees and received many wonderful comments about just how good these workshops were.

Ernie Clark ACS is the President of the South Australian branch and National Vice-President of the ACS.

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