Second Best

A look at the outstanding work of the cinematographers behind a selection of short films from the 2018 Sydney Film Festival by Vanessa Abbott

Cinematographer: Katie Milwright ACS

Second Best is a dark comedy about the unmatchable connection of identical twin sisters. 

Velika works in a spa shop, with no ambition to move up any career ladder, while her twin sister, Nouchka, is a professional rhythmic gymnast approaching a very important competition that could progress her entire career. Their mother, Dina, has pinned her ambitions to Nouchka’s gymnastics career and in her determination to win she encourages a competitive wedge between her two daughters. Velika and Nouchka are seemingly isolated from each other, leading very separate lives, until a turn of events reawakens the power of their unwavering bond. 

The short film’s cinematography, by Katie Milwright ACS, is clean and stylish. Second Best recently won ‘Best Director of an Australian Short Film’ for Alyssa McClelland at the Flickerfest International Short Film.

Vanessa Abbott is a writer based in Melbourne. 

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