An Act of Love

A look at the outstanding work of the cinematographers behind a selection of short films from the 2018 Sydney Film Festival by Vanessa Abbott 

Cinematographer: Sky Davies

The inspiration for this story was an article about identical twins who were so dependent on one another, that they seemingly manifested one of their deaths.

This intense bond, whereby twins seemingly cannot survive together or apart, forms a fable-like moral about what I think we self-sacrifice to sustain relationships, or inversely, what we sacrifice in our relationships to maintain autonomy. It also explores the nature of intense friendships, and the fine line that young girls tread between idolisation and unhealthy obsession.

Cinematographer Sky Davies won the 2016 ACS ‘Gold Tripod’ for her work on short film Goodnight Sweetheart. Directed by Lucy Knox, An Act of Love is beautiful piece of work, only enhanced by Davies’ sharp and intellectual eye.

Vanessa Abbott is a writer based in Melbourne. 

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