Locker Room

Director of Photography: Max Walter.

A cleverly simple film about a sixteen-year-old girl (Bridie Noonan) who discovers her best friends – three boys from the school football team – have been hiding something disturbing from her.

This film demonstrates almost every element one could ask for in a debut short film; an original story, perfect performances, but above all amazing cinematography from Max Walter who has cut his teeth recently on outstanding music videos and commercials such the one Walker did for the Spirit of Tasmania.

Locker Room is a refreshingly honest film, not entirely devoid of hope yet also refusing to create a false sense of hope for the sake of somehow honouring its journey. Locker Room doesn’t project easy answers. Indeed, that appears to be an intentional choice as the journey itself isn’t easy and the answers you may discover will be uniquely your own.

Reviewed at the 2017 Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF).

Written by Vanessa Abbott. 

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