Family Happiness

Director of Photography: Lachlan Milne ACS.

A story about bullying, small cruelties and the power of a brother’s unconditional love for his complex little sister. Family Happiness was lensed by the award-winning Lachlan Milne ACS (Not Suitable for Children, Down Under, Hunt for the Wilderpeople) and directed by Alice Englert (The Boyfriend Game) who also features in the film.

Orphans Romilly and Fiona, separately meet their old idol Jay Masbin (Mark Bradshaw) formerly of boy band ‘Boyz Believe’ with whom both have charged, though ultimately upsetting, experiences. They spend the night in each other’s company and perhaps are soothed. Family Happiness is quietly quirky and endearing, with both Ben Whishaw and Englert doing a nice job of finding the realism in their respective roles. Milne’s sublimely simple cinematography and delicate handheld work perfectly fits with the narrative, balancing humour and tragedy perfectly.

This little fifteen-minute gem is an official selection of the 2017 Sydney Film Festival (7-18 June) and will have two screenings among the festival’s narrative shorts.

Reviewed at the 2017 Sydney Film Festival (SFF).

By Vanessa Abbott.

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