Welcome to Country

Director of Photography: Mark Broadbent.

When a Canberra bureaucrat gets sent to a remote Aboriginal community to prepare for the Prime Minister’s visit, he’s confronted with the fact he probably doesn’t have all the answers.

Beautifully shot by Broadbent, the film’s Director Dean Gibson says Welcome to Country is a comedic twist on reality. “I wanted to highlight the juxtaposition of white people coming into an Aboriginal community thinking they have all the answers,” Gibson said.

The team behind the film hopes that Welcome to Country can help people understand the importance of community and home in the context of black and white Australia. The ten-minute short film was shot in Cherbourg, west of Gympie in Queensland, with a cast and crew of eighteen.

Reviewed by Vanessa Abbott as part of the Short Film Program at the Sundance Film Festival in 2017.


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