Dream Baby

Director of Photography: Bonnie Elliott ACS.

Entrepreneurial Elvis has a dream and hatches a plan to escape her seaside Caravan Park… by selling cans of soft drink once the local store has shut. She wants to raise enough money to make her way to a posh boarding school in the city, that is until her Mum finds her treasure and risks it all.

Shot by Bonnie Elliott (Spear) Dream Baby’s soft, delicate cinematography adds to the urgent, emotive quality and strengthens the film’s ability to draw the viewer in. Elliott mixes washed-out colours with closer, soft frames dependent on the scene, giving them an incredible sense of realism.

Director Lucy Gaffy took out the award for Best Direction recently in an Australian Short Film for Dream Baby at Flickerfest, following on from the short’s recent AACTA Award for Best Short Film. Starring Darcey Wilson, Robyn Malcolm and Elena Forman, Dream Baby is a beautiful film to behold both it’s themes and it’s visuals.

Reviewed by Vanessa Abbott as part of the Short Film Program at the Sundance Film Festival in 2017.


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