The Ravens

Director of Photography: John Brawley

More Australian soldiers have died from suicide when they returned home from service in Afghanistan, than who died there in combat. Sarah Snook (Predestination) features as the mother and wife of a family coping with her husband’s PTSD after he returns home from war, played by Jeremy Lindsay Taylor (Sea Patrol).

The Ravens’ superb cinematography is by John Brawley (One Hundred Bloody Acres). Told through the eyes of his young daughter (Indianna Gregg), the story looks at the challenges facing returning service personnel coping with trauma and the effects on their families.

The cinematography works not only to be visually pleasing but, more importantly, to thoroughly deliver an environment of everything the film is selling. Brawley flawlessly accomplishes something in 22 short minutes that Hollywood can’t seem to muster up the talent or courage to do in any 122-minute feature. Director Jennifer Perrott and her team have written a poignant and tender film about an Aussie soldier struggling to return to family life after war.

Reviewed at the 2016 Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF).

By James Cunningham


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