Black Chook

Director of Photography: Warwick Thornton

They were Australia’s bad days. Men killed other men and laughed. All that was left for the children of the dead was to remember… if they had the strength. From Northern Territory-based Director Dylan River, Black Chook stars Brendan Cowell as a man searching for answers about the past, but it’s a past filled with bloodshed that nobody wants to remember or acknowledge.

Behind the camera as Cinematographer on Black Chook was River’s father Warwick Thornton, an Australian cinematographer, director and screenwriter. His debut feature film, Samson and Delilah won the Caméra d’Or at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival.

From the first moments of the the film, Thornton’s extraordinary cinematography expertly guides the viewer through themes of death and rebirth in the Bruce Pascoe-penned script. If you get the chance to see Black Chook, do so.

Reviewed at the 2016 Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF).

By James Cunningham


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