I Am A Pencil

Director of Photography: Joe D’Arcy.

Reviewed by James Cunningham at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival.

I Am A Pencil, written, directed and also shot by Joe D’Arcy, was inspired by the three million people who marched in support of unity, peace, and freedom of expression after the Charlie Hebdo massacre. The pencil, like the artist, has an innate drive to create and will always express, irrespective of whether it is granted permission. 

The subtle cinematography in this important animated work evokes the pencil sketches of Da Vinci. I Am A Pencil includes animation, pencilled by Carol D’Arcy and a team of artists under her guidance. VFX and 3D animation by Sterling Osment, CGI and colour grading by Byron D’Arcy.

D’Arcy is a filmmaker and psychotherapist from Queensland who runs a small production company, joedarcyFILMS, as well as his private practice. As a filmmaker and a therapist, D’Arcy says he works with people in relationships “at their most vulnerable moments whilst they risk to be more of themselves”. A testament to the power of I Am A Pencil, the short film travelled from Flickerfest in Sydney all the way to the Big Apple only last month.

James Cunningham is the Editor of Australian Cinematographer Magazine.

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