Director of Photography: Curtis Hill.

Reviewed by James Cunningham at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival.

An uncooperative ex, an argumentative landlord, and a broken door; Linda’s life is just peachy. Her daughter escapes reality through a fascination with Native Americans, subconsciously assuming her mum’s anger. 

Hailing from Melbourne, Jem Rankin is the writer-director-editor of Cherokee who graduated from the Victorian College of The Arts in 2014. But it is Hill’s cinematography that really shines in its stark simplicity. Hill is quickly gaining a reputation as a writer/director in his own right with a fresh flair on character driven, visual storytelling. He was recently featured in the Little Black Book as “an exciting Melbourne talent to watch.”

Cherokee has played at a number of festivals including the Melbourne International Film Festival  and Sydney Film Festival in 2015, and most recently Tribeca in New York.

James Cunningham is the Editor of Australian Cinematographer Magazine.


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