Director of Photography: Torstein Dyrting ACS

Karroyul is a story about a young girl, who following the death of her mother, goes on a journey of connection and healing by returning to her ancestors’ country. The story revolves around three main characters, a young girl, her uncle and the Noongar country of the southwest, with Kim Scott’s writing always having country as a central character. 

For cinematographer Torstein Dyrting ACS it was important to capture nuances between the actors, so therefore chose to shoot with a small handheld camera, being close to the actors and having his natural eye ready for these moments in a scene.

Torstein would always have a camera with him even on recce, ready to film whatever the country offered up. This resulted in many of the views of the country that were shot during the recce ending up in the final film, using handheld and over-cranking techniques to create style and interest.

The exterior night scenes were shot day for night and the interior night scenes were filmed closer to Perth with a full crew. Karroyul was filmed on the Sony FS700 and the POV of the eagle was shot by drone with the GH4. Karryoul is a brilliant story by Scott, adapted and Directed by Kelrick Martin, edited by Lawrie Silvestrin and graded by Boogie Monster in Perth.

Written by Mitch Kennedy for Australian Cinematographer Magazine.

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